getRouletteWheel(pop, SCORES)

Return a fitness proportional roulette wheel. A roulette wheel is a list of 3-tuples structured as follows: (indiv, low, high) where indiv is the individual that bets on the section of the roulette wheel between low and high

rouletteWheelSelect(wheel, s=None)

Perform roulette wheel selection. A wheel is a fitness proportional roulette wheel as returned by the makeRouletteWheel function. The parameter s is not required thought not disallowed at the time of calling by the evolutionary algorithm. If it is not supplied, it will be set as a random float between 0 and 1. This function returns the individual that bet on the section of the roulette wheel that contains s

tournamentSelect(pop, T, w, n, scorefunc, scoreparams)

Return a list of n indivuduals. Each of these individuals has been selected by conducting tournaments of size T. Each tournament may have exactly w winners Winners of the tournament are the fittest individuals in the tournament as determined by scorefunc